Learn how to do applied behavioral science in any context. 


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Learn the experimental method taught to  

Achieve more with Applied Behavioral Science on your SIDE™️

The SIDE process is an experimental approach to researching, designing, testing, and scaling what works and ditching what doesn't.

Developed by Matt Wallaert, world-renowned leader in behavioral science, with 20 years experience of leading behavioral science teams. SIDE is flexible to adapt to any business or personal context. 

Simplify behavior change with SIDE™️

Strategy, Insights, Design, Evaluation.

Simple to use and easy to communicate with your stakeholders

No need to educate your stakeholders on complex behavior change models. The SIDE process gives you a simple way to talk about how behavior change works. 

Flexible scientific process that works with any business or project

No matter your business or role, you can apply the SIDE process. It compliments pre-existing business practices or stands strong as a complete applied BeSci solution.

Who this course is for

Product or service teams

Gain confidence your product roadmap is backed by evidence. Get a clear and accountable way to work together.



Maximize research results by combining qualitative and quantitative methods. Reduce bias by cross-validating insights.


Founders and startups

Make fast, small bets to reduce cost and risk at scale. Learn how to invest in what is most likely to get you the desired business results.


Behavioral Scientists

Go beyond heuristics and biases. Learn how to apply behavioral science and do experiments within product and business contexts.



Add a scientific process to your designs and make design decisions based on what's most likely to work. Not by whose idea it was.


Transitioning Academics

The SIDE process provides the perfect bridge for applying experimental behavioral science into a product or business context.


"Everyone can get something out of Matt’s course, whether you have prior training in behavior science and years of experience or you're completely new and just exploring the subject. His BeSci process brings simplicity to something that is often presented as much more complicated than it needs to be."

Bree Gorman

Applied Behavioral Scientist, Digital Clinical Program Design


Learn the SIDE process in 6 weeks

Grow your skills with practice activities.
Work through a hands-on project to transfer your learning into the real world
Rewatch course videos whenever you choose. 


1. Foundations of APPLIED behavioral science

  •  What applied behavioral science is
  •  Why applied behavioral science is critical to business
  •  Making decisions based on evidence
  •  Introducing the BeSci process SIDE  

2. Strategy: set a clear outcome with stakeholders

  •  Strategy and the desired behavior change
  •  Why write a behavioral statement
  •  How to write a behavioral statement
  •  Behavioral statements in organizations

3. Insights: where you are and what'll get you there

  •  How to change behavior by changing pressures around a behavior
  •  Creating a pressure map 
  •  The 5 behavioral archetypes
  •  How to gather insights and pressures from research

4. Design: pilot interventions 

  •  Designing interventions for pressures
  •  How to do a design ideation session
  •  Intervention ideas for a pressure
  •  Down selecting interventions for pilots

5. Evaluation: pilot outcomes 

  •  The importance of evaluating and piloting
  •  How to do a good pilot
  •  The 3 gates of pilots
  •  How to write a pilot outcome statement
  •  What you can learn from a failed pilot

6. Implementing SIDE into your work

  • How to approach your first projects 
  • Tips and tricks 
  • What a full behavioral science team looks like
  • Using behavioral science ethically
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Your new applied BeSci toolkit:


✅  A full applied behavioral science process, flexible and adaptable to your workplace and role

✅  A system to focus your behavior change efforts where they're most likely to make a difference

✅  An evidence-based approach to behavior change with measurable impact

✅  Tools and templates you can apply immediately to your work, no matter your industry

✅  A clear way to communicate about behavior change and behavioral science with all your stakeholders

What our students say

"This course empowered me to navigate the tricky bridge between my academic research background and how to apply behavior science to product thinking. It provided the tools and language to have more in-depth behavioral and context-based discussions around data points at work."

Yaoli Mao

Senior Quantitative Experience Design Researcher


"Matt's course is one of the best educational experiences I've ever had. We were involved in the learning process from beginning to end, with many hands-on exercises followed by thoughtful reflection with peers."

Daniel Aneyanju

Partnerships Lead
The Knowledge House 


”Matt’s process is a really good way to have a smart approach to building a new product or implementing a behavior in the world. Because we always have a tendency to jump too fast to conclusions or be biased and this course gives a scientific approach to product management.”

Caroline Huet

VP Product
Tech Startup


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"This is very helpful for anyone who wants to incorporate behavioral science, but may not have formal behavioral science training or an advanced degree. The course was interesting, useful, and applicable to tactic-level behavioral challenges."

Kei Alegria-Flores

Applied Behavioral Science

Prefer a more customized approach for your team?

BeSci.io is a collective of the world's top behavioral scientists. Through BeSci.io we also offer consulting and customized solutions for embedding behavioral science into your team and organization. 

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"Matt helped our organization to deliver real change. We applied his ideas at the portfolio, product, and sub-product level. We created the role of the behavioral scientist in each product team and Matt helped us hone their skills to have a multiplier long lasting effect."

Marcos Peralta

Senior Vice President


"Matt trained multiple cohorts within Fitbit. The workshop delivery and implementation matched our needs well. Matt gave us actionable resources, a common language, and a behavioral science framework that we applied within our specific context."

Sam Gottlieb

UX Research Manager




Get clear on the behavioral outcome.


Do user research and map pressures.


Use insights to design interventions.


Run cheap and fast pilots to scale .

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"Every business is in the business of changing behavior"